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  1. Blue is blue
    Watercolor on paper, 113*95cm.
    2010, Amsterdam

  2. 餘裕  /

    While knitting, air needs to be knitted in as well...

    With a similar principle, I think about other disciplines of art.

    A drawing teacher who once told me that when you draw still objects, 

    the moves of air around objects can be also illustrated on paper.

    The two examples have a difference for me.

    Air that is drawn on paper is a representation of real air,

    while those in the knitting story are the actual air around.

    Mishima Yukio talked about how a person is good at playing the recorder,

    He mentioned: Beauty is a state of highly skilled and unhurried.

     This explains how “air“ is functioning in works of Art.


    Art works should exist as how glass does,

    Not to take space in an absolute way,


    But breathing,


    Air goes in and out.