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  1. Let the brain be full of air, and in the air lots of moisture.

    The walls, the floor, the building and the trees outside, space is something formed, 

    being reflected through our being, here.

    From nothingness, without boundaries, a person enters.

    Thus the work starts when we are both present.

    And a relation is entitled to be established.

    Honest and soft,

    We are.

    Each other.

    You reflect onto the work as I reflect onto the space. 

    As for the work, 

    I try to have the third eye on top, watching. 

    The body, as one of the elements in this room, has its volume and shape.

    The sculptures standing there, I try to identify myself with them.

    But I do not stay still. I walk away.

    Thin lines in space have a different logic.

    They are drawn from within a three- dimensional box, the room.

    I look into the elements, where the support comes from, where the strength hides.

    And I look into myself, what the principles are, what the construction connotes.

    Lower the weight, down to the pelvis, to both legs and feet,

    close to the fundamental.

    As for freedom, it is not to be released inside out without restrictions.

    It originates from within the torso, and is only made possible because of the weight of the body.

    (I go to I-Shi, I bring her close to me,

    I will tell her my discoveries about the architecture of our bodies.

    I watch her in space. Look from a distance. Look closely,

    feeling the movements and warmth. 

    We move together.)

    Walk the time.

    It is not about logic, nor the definite cause-and-effect, but a coherent linear sequence.

  2. Breathing Space. Moving time.  
    2012, Amsterdam
    Structured improvisation live performances. Duration: 40~45 mins.

    Body movements are formed after the structures of the space is signified.Body became the movable dot, line and surface, transformed and completed the static presence of objects and architecture. The performers acted and responded to the situation at each very moment; movements were carried out improvised under an open structure. With her breathing and actions, the performers brought in the element of time, composed at each happening a fluent sequence of story and flow of energy. 

    Editted 5 mins vedio - http://vimeo.com/52320693